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Tanya I.'s Picks

PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Donald Trump American Real Estate Developer 06/14/1946
Michael J. Fox Alex P. Keaton 06/06/1961
Drew Peterson Husband to Stacy Peterson 01/05/1954
Steven Tyler Demon of Screamin 03/26/1948
Alice Cooper Welcome to his nightmare 02/04/1948
Reginald Kenneth Dwight Elton John 03/25/1974
Selena Gomez Disney Actress 07/22/1992
George W. Bush #41 07/06/1946
Mike Tyson Ear muncher 06/30/1966
Madonna Louise Ciccone Material Girl 08/16/1958
PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Charles Manson Killed Sharon Tate 11/12/1934 Died 11/19/2017 at the age of 83
Macaulay Culkin Child Actor 08/26/1980
Ozzy Osbourne Prince of Darkness 12/03/1948
Michael J. Fox Alex P. Keaton 06/06/1961
Jim Carrey Dumber 01/17/1962
Cherilyn Sarkisian Cher 05/20/1946
Angelina Jolie One half of Branglina 06/04/1975
Richard Wayne Van Dyke 12/13/1925
Jim Nabors Gomer 06/12/1930 Died 11/30/2017 at the age of 87
Mel Brooks Writer, Director, Actor 06/28/1926