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Scott's Picks

PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Elizabeth Edwards Senator's Wife 07/03/1949 Died 12/07/2010 at the age of 61
Mariska Hargitay Law & Order 01/23/1964
Max von Sydow Father Merrin 04/10/1929
Andy Dick Comedian 12/21/1965
Elie Wiesel Holocaust survivor 09/30/1928
Robin Williams Mork 07/21/1951 Died 08/11/2014 at the age of 63
Stephen King Author 09/21/1947
Gary Busey Actor 06/29/1944
Owen Wilson Actor 11/18/1968
Charlie Sheen Estevez brother 09/03/1965
PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Christopher Hitchens Writer 04/13/1949 Died 12/15/2011 at the age of 62
Michael Douglas Gordon Gecko 09/25/1944
Julian Assange wikileaks 07/03/1971
King Abdullah King of Saudi Arabia 08/01/1924
Earl Simmons DMX 12/18/1970
Nolan Ryan Pitcher 01/31/1947
Bret Michaels Poison 03/15/1963
Jack Klugman Oscar 04/27/1922 Died 12/24/2012 at the age of 90
Dean Koontz Author 07/09/1945
Max von Sydow Father Merrin 04/10/1929
PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Tony Iommi Black Sabath 02/19/1948
Gallagher Watermelon hater 07/24/1946
Nick Stahl John Connor (II) 12/05/1979
Wasalu Muhammad Jaco Lupe Fiasco 02/16/1982
George Clinton Funk 07/22/1941
Sinead O'Conner Pope Hater 12/08/1966
Julian Assange wikileaks 07/03/1971
Harry Belafonte Musician 03/01/1927
Anthony Terrell Smith Tone Lōc 03/03/1966
Dean Koontz Author 07/09/1945