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Ashley's Picks

PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Stan Mikita Makes blue drills 05/20/1940
Bobby Brown It's His Prerogative 02/05/1969
Muhammad Ali Shaken, not stirred 01/17/1942 Died 06/03/2016 at the age of 74
Stephen Hawking The real science guy 01/08/1942
Mary Tyler Moore Her own show 12/29/1936
Penny Marshall Laverne DeFazio 10/15/1942
Joan Luden Good Morning America 09/19/1950
Debbie Reynolds Singing in the Rain 04/01/1932 Died 12/28/2016 at the age of 84
Carrie Fischer Princess Leia 10/21/1956 Died 12/27/2016 at the age of 60
Willie Nelson Singer 04/30/1933
PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus