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Lee's Picks

PickPersonClaim to FameBirthdateStatus
Osama Bin Laden CIA operative 03/10/1957 Died 05/01/2011 at the age of 54
Boris Yeltsin Former President of Russia 02/01/1931 Died 04/23/2007 at the age of 76
Augusto Pinochet Chilean Dictator 11/25/1915 Died 12/10/2006 at the age of 91
Yasser Arafat 08/24/1929 Died 11/20/2004 at the age of 75
Gerald Ford Not the car guy 07/14/1913 Died 12/26/2006 at the age of 93
Harmid Karzai President of Afghanistan 12/24/1957
General Suharto Indonesian Dictator 06/08/1921 Died 01/27/2008 at the age of 86
Iyad Allawi 12/31/1945
Margaret Thatcher Former PM of United Kingdom 10/13/1925 Died 04/08/2013 at the age of 87
Courtney Love Singer? 07/09/1964