Details for the DP11 contest


4Terry B.17
5Terry D.0

              • $20 entry fee and winner takes all.
              • Points awarded are: (100 - age at death)
              • Each participant is to draft 10 famous people who they believe will die in the next year. You may not draft a pick if someone else already has.
              • Picks must die between September 13th, 2010 and September 12th, 20011 and be confirmed dead by September 17th 2011.
              • All picks eligibility (as far as being famous enough) are subject to the common sense of a simple majority of the participants PRESENT AT THE DRAFT. Generally speaking, picks must be famous for something other than being old / ill / tall / short, etc. Picks *cannot* be on death row. Local celebrities (e.g., Ron Magers, the Menards Guy, Virginia McCaskey) are welcome. Furthermore:
                • The spouse/parent/child of a famous person unless that person is famous on their own. (i.e. Hillary Clinton, yes. Roger Ebert's daughter, no).
                • Just because someone is mentioned on wikipedia or another webpage, they are not necessarily famous.
                • Just because someone is famous in some other part of the country / world does not make them famous here.
                • The 'definiton' of famous is: "informed Chicagoans would be familiar with."
              • The participant with the most points at the end of the DP year wins. 0 point picks (100 or older) are tie-breakers
              • It is the responsibility of the participant to research and keep track of the demise of his picks
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